Through facilitated discussion, workshops, readings, and meetings with invited speakers participants in the Civic Scholars Proseminar will gain a vocabulary and capacity for skills to support thoughtful, sustained civic engagement.  In Proseminar, students will: 

  • Achieve a deeper understanding of one’s own identities and values
  • Contextualize social issues using cultural, sociological, historical, and political lenses
  • Understand structures of inequity, power, and privilege and their implications
  • Recognize connections between local and global issues 
  • Learn about the various approaches and roles through which to engage with social issues and affect social change 
  • Cultivate aptitude to think in interdisciplinary terms and integrate civic engagement and academic experiences  
  • Develop abilities to facilitate dialogue about social issues and civic engagement 
  • Improve skills to conduct applied research that contributes to scholarship or practice addressing social issues   

First Year Proseminar

In the First Year Proseminar, students are enrolled in a half-credit course that meets bi-weekly on Monday evenings.

Each session consists of discussions, workshops, reflections, and/or speakers on the following:

  • Root causes of social injustice including Capitalism, Cisheteropatriarchy, Colonialism, and White Supremacy
  • Mutually beneficial collaborations with community partner organizations
  • Community building, self-care, and community care

Sophomore Proseminar

In the Sophomore Proseminar, students build upon the skills and knowledge developed in their first year. Civic Scholars meet bi-weekly on Monday evenings in a non-graded Proseminar.

Each session expands on the topics of the previous year and students take on leadership roles by facilitating sessions for first-year meetings.

Stack of Books
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