The Penn Civic Scholars Program is a unique, sustained four-year experience in civic engagement and scholarship.  The program culminates in certification upon graduation and designation as a Civic Scholar on the student’s transcript.  Visit our Program Requirements page to learn about what the Civic Scholars Program entails.

Admissions Process

Step 1: Selection for the Civic Scholars Program is done in consultation with The Undergraduate Admissions Office of the University in the spring semester prior to the start of the freshman year.  Admitted students to Penn whose applications indicate potential interest, commitment, and academic qualifications for the program receive an invitation to apply to the program along with their admissions decision.

Step 2: Prospective Civic Scholars submit a brief written application after May 1.

Step 3: Upon submission and review of their Civic Scholars application, final candidates are asked to interview with the program directors for the last step in the selection process.

Up to fifteen freshmen join the program each year.  Undergraduates from the four undergraduate schools all eligible for admission to the program.  We also have several Civic Scholars in dual-degree or interdisciplinary programs.  If you have questions about admission to the Civic Scholars Program, please contact the program’s directors at 215-898-4831.

CS Admission

Prospective Civic Scholars

If you have questions about the program or admissions process, please contact Civic House at 215-898-4831.