Civic House Room Reservation Information

Rooms in Civic House are available for reservation by students, staff and faculty at Penn as well as our non-profit partner organizations for programs and events which align with the mission of Civic House throughout the academic year.

Reservation Policies:

Groups are resposible for adhering to the guidelines included on the Room Reservation Form and any additional information provided on the room confirmation e-mail. Groups who do not adhere to these guidelines will no longer be eligible to reserve space. Please note that it may take up to 2-3 business days to process your reservation and reservations are not guaranteed until you have received a confirmation e-mail. For best consideration space reservations should be submitted at least 1 week ahead of the desired space use date.

  • The use of space is limited only to the rooms and times as outlined in their room request and confirmation e-mail. Additional space may be available upon request by speaking with a student staff member.
  • Facilities will only be used for nonprofit purposes.
  • The group will be financially responsible for all damage or all harm to facilities.
  • The group is responsible for returning furniture to proper place after use.
  • While food is permitted, The group is expected to clean up after their event and if necessary, vacuum and remove the trash and recycling into the dumpster behind Civic House.
  • Civic House is committed to maintaining a sustainable kitchen. Civic House encourages groups to utilize its reusable mugs, glassware, silverware, bowls, plates and other items located in the kitchen. Groups who do choose to use these items are asked to wash these dishes and place them in the drying rack and/or fill the dishwasher. If you bring disposable items for your event, you will be asked to take them with you.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from being served or consumed on premises.
  • Cancellations should be given 24-hour notice before the day of the event.

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    Spaces Available for Reservation

    First Floor

     Conference_Room_for_web.jpg Seminar_Room_for_web.jpg

    Living Room

    Conference Room

    Seminar Room

    Third Floor*

    *Accessible only by stairs.

     Tutor_Resource_Room_for_web.jpg  Social_Justice_Room_for_web.jpg Childrens_Reading_Room_for_web.jpg  

    Tutor Resource Room

    Social Justice Library

    Children’s Reading Room